Your fresh start
starts today.

Needs-focused family mediation dedicated to repurposing your relationship and saving you money.

Your fresh start
starts today.

Needs-focused family mediation dedicated to repurposing your relationship and saving you money.

A fresh approach to mediation:

The Orange Story

Our process gives you fresh perspective that ensures a successful divorce or separation. We take a deep-dive into your situation and make difficult decisions easier. 

Choose a better path to your fresh start

Little Girl Holding an Orange
Little Girl Holding an Orange

Relationships redefined for a hopeful future

Separation & Divorce

Save time, money and heartache through our non-adversarial coaching & mediation process.

Financial Assessment

Get clarity and perspective from financial experts who help you now and into the future.

Parenting Plans

Focus on plans that keep your children’s health, happiness and security top-of-mind.

What will it cost?

Mediation can save time, money & stress compared to traditional divorce.

Get an estimate fast with our pricing calculator.

Take the first step:

Let’s talk about you.

We offer no obligation, free 1hr consultations to people like you. Let’s talk about your situation. Really. 

We work tirelessly to find the path to your [re]start.

Fresh Start Mediation was created because we knew there was a better way to overcome conflict with less pain, lower costs and more fulfilling outcomes

Through our mediation process, you will find a renewed sense of self as we help you create the bright future you imagine for your family. 

Most of our work can be done over video calls, and our team of partners and associates is likely in a community near you for those important face-to-face meetings. 

Regional Locations

Save time and money through mediation.

A mediator brings clarity, reduces anxiety and helps you build a future with intent. Our established, non-adversarial mediation process offers a better alternative than expensive, time-consuming, emotionally draining and unpredictable litigation. 

Mediation leads to reliable, long-lasting agreements through a safe and confidential process. Our expert mediators ensure you feel heard, understood and respected. We help you break the cycle of past conflict, ensuring both parties reach an agreement that provides security and closure.

Relationships are an evolution, and our mediators help in creating a different level of communication between parties to ensure a smooth transition from conflict to agreement. Throughout our process, we implement helpful tools to navigate your changing relationship dynamics. Our easy-to-follow guidelines and in-house financial analysts help sort through financial matters. 

As we work towards a completed agreement, we include a short-term plan to help keep things in-line while we work on the finer details. Interim understandings help reduce confusion and lead to timely and stable long-term agreements. 

We respect your needs, desired outcomes and, most importantly, your budget. Saving you time and money are our goals. Reducing heartache and your fresh start are our results. 

We support the communities we serve.

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Things to Consider About Divorce Before Attending the Calgary Stampede “It’s Not Cheatin’, It’s Stampedin!” It’s been two years since the Calgary Stampede has been in full swing and many Calgarians are excited to get their boots on, join in the festivities, and have a great time. Stampede is generally a family affair and a great place to have fun. But it’s also a place that can bring things to a head when communication is

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3GNY Stories Live: WEDU Wednesdays: In this virtual series, grandchildren of Holocaust survivors share their family stories with us. You’ll also learn more about our educational initiative, WEDU, which trains 3Gs to learn and share their family stories in school classrooms. On March 9, Don Schapira will share the story of his grandfather, Mordechai Gabrieli, or as Don knew him, Saba Motke. Motke loved his family first, and then, closely behind, the outdoors. He loved

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Author: Don Schapira, Q.Med. Since the outset of the latest flare up in the occupied territories, I have been repeatedly asked for my opinion on which side of the fence I am on. Rather than share it, I typically choose to listen and understand what side is theirs. My curiosity is usually fulfilled with a simple “well, how do you feel about it?”. I do this because my real opinion, which I state at the

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Best Interests of the Child: Changes to the Divorce Act

As with any living document, The Federal Divorce Act is undergoing additional changes this year. While these changes were delayed from July 2020 due to Covid, their time has finally arrived and as of March 1, they will be implemented. We at Fresh Start Mediation, wanted to take the opportunity to discuss some of the changes here, what we liked, and what we thought was important. Easier to Understand Many times, we have heard parents

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