We work with people and organizations in conflict to find a resolution and train in the skills of seeing fresh perspectives. At Fresh Start Mediation, we realize that Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, takes on many forms.  From the classroom to the boardroom and from our homes to our communities, conflict is everywhere.  Having the training to manage conflict, the resources to resolve disputes and the authority to apply them to any situation or environment is critical.

Our Team

Don Schapira, Q.Med

Lead Mediator

Don has worked in Negotiation and Mediation for over 20 years, with varied experience in Finance, Not-for-profit, community, and divorce. He has successfully completed over 500 mediations leading to heightened discourse and improved relationships.

Conrad Brodeur, Q.Med Candidate


Conrad has over 12 years of experience working with individuals, families and youth in crisis although has shifted his focus to helping with the growing issues between neighbours in Condo and tenet disputes.

Pete Desrochers, Ch.Med, Q.Arb


Pete has over 18 years of experience and is chartered Mediator, Qualified Arbitrator, as well as a Registered and practising Mediator in both the United States and Canada. He has completed over 1,300 mediations covering 13 countries and four continents.

Kairistie Walker, Q.Med


Kairistie spent the past decade applying her skills and expertise in the business world, where she helped build and establish Ferrari Maserati of Alberta, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Alberta, and Alfa Romeo Alberta as their Director of Marketing. She currently a practicing Mediator and Workplace Restoration Specialist.

"Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional"

Max Lucado

Workplace & Organizational

Workplace conflict is commonplace but easily becomes unmanageable and catastrophic. Providing team training and establishing an ADR process is a proven way to increase team cooperation, improve employee morale and engagement well preventing disaster and reducing the uncertainty of litigation.

Divorce & Family

Our Lead, Don starting from his own experiences of divorce is committed to finding solutions for the difficulties and complications of family separation. He is ever vigilant to be sure the process, as well as the whole team, lives up to our name of offering a real fresh start.

Training & Coaching

We make the community a priority. Expanding our referrals, specialists and team. Teaching our craft and building a more collaborative world. We invite you to engage in either paid or free training to help you achieve your goals, feeling more confident and  developing as a negotiator.

Ownership & Condo

Conflicts with neighbours, tenants and shared property easily escalate into hostility, excessive costs and litigation. By establishing regular training and systems for boards and administration as well as putting into place an ADR process clear to everyone, with a neutral confidential provider such as Fresh Start, you can save time, money and a lot of emotional energy. 

Mediation is our preferred form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Alberta, with an approach which can mean conciliation when circumstances permit. We believe in our strong record of reduced ligation and a process not about removing lawyers, or creating ADR without lawyers, but built on supporting people, increasing access and affordably. We are about getting everyone to an agreement in a confidential environment. Ideally, lowering tensions, improving communications, interpreting issues, encouraging everyone involved to explore potential solutions. Proven solutions involve mutually acceptable outcomes and that can be difficult to come without a neutral third party experienced in guiding people to remove the problems from people involved.

Our team is growing with an experience from different points of view. We originally came together to build stronger families and more resilient communities. The Calgary divorce process was a leading area where conflicts were lasting longer hurting families. We looked to help learning the steps of a process to support people beginning to end with less hostility and lasting stable outcomes. We continue in that mission but have also expanded to assist in other areas.

We believe it strengthens our community when more people use mediation and negotiation skills in Alberta. To do so, we are looking to improve the continuing education of alternative dispute resolution in Alberta. We look to put on both public and private trainings through the community in key areas and assist those looking to get into the profession or improve or reflect on their current skills. We have partnered with organizations like Peer Mediation and Skills training (PMAST) to create opportunities for young people. We believe learning is an essential component to our success.

To achieve the above missions and goals, we prioritize collaboration and contributing to the community. This includes partnerships with like-minded organization and participation in efforts to build resilience. We believe our thriving business is a product of this value. And hope it influences every project we undertake.

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