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Welcome to Our Divorce Mediation in Lloydminster

Our Lloydminster mediation centre specializes in helping couples navigate through the divorce process with dignity and respect.

Our expert mediators are committed to facilitating constructive discussions that enable both parties to achieve fair and practical solutions, reducing the emotional and financial burdens typically associated with legal divorces.


Fresh Start Divorce Mediation in Lloydminster​


Why Opt for Divorce Mediation?

  1. Cost Savings: Mediation is a more cost-effective alternative compared to traditional divorce litigation.
  2. Confidentiality: The mediation process is private, ensuring that all personal matters remain confidential.
  3. Control Over Outcomes: Couples have direct input into the final agreement, unlike court-imposed decisions.
  4. Speed: Mediation can be completed much faster than the conventional court process, helping both parties to move forward more quickly.


Services Provided

  • Parenting Plans: We help design comprehensive agreements regarding child custody and visitation schedules.
  • Financial Settlements: Assistance in equitable distribution of assets and liabilities.
  • Support Arrangements: Establishing reasonable spousal and child support agreements in line with Saskatchewan’s legal standards.

Meet Our Mediators

Our mediators are seasoned professionals with deep expertise in family law and dispute resolution.

They ensure a balanced and impartial environment that promotes productive dialogue and resolution.

Starting Mediation in Lloydminster

Contact us to schedule your initial mediation consultation in Lloydminster.

During this meeting, our mediators will provide detailed information about the mediation process and discuss how it can be tailored to fit your specific circumstances.

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For more details or to schedule a consultation, please visit our website or contact our Lloydminster office. We’re here to support you in finding a peaceful resolution and facilitating a positive new start after your divorce.

Visit our website or call us at 1.877.649.5644 to discover how our mediation services can help you manage your divorce proceedings in Lloydminster.

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We offer no obligation, free 1hr consultations to people like you. Let’s talk about your situation. Really.