3GNY Stories Live: WEDU Wednesdays Featuring Don Schapira

3GNY Stories Live: WEDU Wednesdays: In this virtual series, grandchildren of Holocaust survivors share their family stories with us. You’ll also learn more about our educational initiative, WEDU, which trains 3Gs to learn and share their family stories in school classrooms. On March 9, Don Schapira will share the story of his grandfather, Mordechai Gabrieli, … Read more

A Mediators Rant on Israel Palestine

Author: Don Schapira, Q.Med. Since the outset of the latest flare up in the occupied territories, I have been repeatedly asked for my opinion on which side of the fence I am on. Rather than share it, I typically choose to listen and understand what side is theirs. My curiosity is usually fulfilled with a … Read more

Love, Actually… Communication is Key

Author: Don Schapira, Q.Med Spoiler Alerts for the movie Love Actually… ‘Tis the season to question what the greatest Hollywood contributions are to the holidays. From ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to ‘Die Hard’, this fun debate rages annually. While some people may disagree as to whether it deserves a spot in the top 3, 5 … Read more

Financial Well-being During Covid-19

Author: Jesse Richards Financial well-being is not just living on a budget, it’s about being prepared for the situations that can and will arise throughout our lives. In most instances, extraordinary expenses occur suddenly, such as loss of employment, home repairs, or vehicle repairs. Other situation can be foreseen and planed for, like retirement. How … Read more

The Changing Face of Mediation

Author: Don Schapira, Q.Med One of our greatest strengths is adapting to changing times. After 9/11, the way we traveled was altered forever. Long hours in security queues, shoe & belt removal, and watch lists to name a few of the measures we readily accepted. The reason we embraced such strict measures was for our … Read more

Creating Your Parenting Plan – A Guide

Author: Don Schapira, Q.Med. Creating a Parenting Plan One of the most difficult aspects of separation and divorce is coming to agreement on a parenting plan that makes sense. Below we will try to help you navigate some of the questions you need answered so you can build a Parenting Plan that meets your needs, … Read more

Co-Parenting During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: Liz Borger, Q.Med, MBA You and your co-parent have invested a lot of time creating a parenting plan for your child(ren). It lists everything you do in a week to care for your child(ren). Wake-up times, bedtime, bath time, dietary needs, school, homework schedules, play-dates, extra-curricular activities, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, childcare, screen time, … Read more