Power of Empathy

Uncovering What’s Already There

“How do you solve a puzzle? What strategies do you employ? Some of you might take the straight edges and pull them off to the side. Try and look for the corners others might try and find like colors and put them into little pile. So you are easily accessible but those are really just strategies and pooling the resources not in solving the puzzle. What you do whenyou actually solve one of these puzzles is you take a look at the picture on the box and you work your way backwards. And that’s what research indicates is pretty much the best way to solve any puzzle. You look at what the solution looks like and then start working your way backwards. 

How do you solve a human puzzle? Well this one might be a little bit too big for the scope of this let’s get into asking a different question. How do you solve a human behavior puzzle? Well I think the trick is asking the right questions. So the question that I’ve come to ask today is: where is that divergence on the road for youth at risk? Where do they go from failing and falling through the cracks to succeeding and being active contributing members of the community.”

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Don Schapira, Q.Med, Our Lead Mediation