Take Charge of the Tough Talks

“I going to talk area that spans a lot of conversations, wherever our behavior may affect the relationship. I want to start with a personal story. Really bringing it down to the human level. 

 I had a conversation with my dad, he was born in 1930. He was raised in an agricultural family and he moved into the world of oil and gas. He had a number of Gulf service stations before Shell had taken over a Gulf throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Mostly in Saskatchewan. He also had a garage, and he was an expert negotiator and a very skilled businessman. My mom was born and raised in northern Saskatchewan. Just as I was, she was 20 years younger than my dad. They were both

married before they met, my dad had six children and my mom had two. So my whole world growing up was about conflict and difficult conversations. It always fascinated me and interested me in trying to understand why it’s so hard for some of us. For something that seemed so natural for our family. After-all, we are one big happy family.”

Watch for the full talk.

Suzanne Petryshyn, MA, C.Med