Can I Get A Divorce Without A Lawyer?

That Is The Question

Separation Agreement vs. Mediation Agreement

Is there a difference between a separation agreement and a mediation agreement? In short, the answer is yes.  A mediation agreement, or a Negotiated Agreement, highlights all matters of your separation involving finances, parenting time, property and future communication.  A separation agreement is typically drafted by someone in the legal profession that, although highlights many of the same matters as a Negotiated Agreement, the format is written in a legal manner that is generally accepted by the courts. Regardless of which agreement you choose, it is always advisable to seek out an ILA (Independent Legal Advice) for each person.

Separation Agreement (source)

A separation agreement is the legal written agreement between two spouses who are in, or have completed the legal separation process. This agreement establishes the rights and responsibilities for each spouse, including division of financial assets, ownership, responsibility for outstanding debts, as well as the parameters for child and spousal support payments and parenting time of children including visitation rights.


For a separation agreement to become legally binding:

  • Both spouses must be completely open and honest about their financial situations.
  • There must be a full detailed financial disclosure of each parties significant assets and liabilities.
  • The agreement must be in writing and signed by each party in the presence of a witness.
  • The agreement must be entered into voluntarily and not under any duress.
  • The agreement must be understood by both parties.
Our Reviewed Negotiated Agreement

Our drafted agreements cover all the areas covered above, our process is designed to expand and guide you through each step. When using our filing services, all agreements are reviewed by a lawyer and quality checked for fairness, with a filing guarantee. The reason, however, we would like to distinguish this from other separation agreements is each party is always recommended to seek independent legal advice. We have partnered with numerous resources, including having your agreement reviewed by a lawyer to meet all necessary conditions for legally filing your agreement.

Next Step

Divorcing without a Lawyer is not the question, because our process isn’t about removing lawyers, it is about affordably getting you to your new Fresh Start. The Fresh Start Family & Divorce Process is designed to keep you informed and cooperating. We have experience handling high conflict situations, as well as the equally difficult process of being completely open and honest about the financial situation.  Our goal is to put in place the planning for a thriving future ahead for both of you. We are here to help sort disputes and help you develop the skills and actions which lead to reduced resentments and the creation of amicable future.  Our goals are to put the needs of the children before that of underlying disagreements. We look forward to helping you in this regard.


At we have partnered with many referral sources so you can achieve all your separation goals through us.  Call today for your initial no charge consultation to see how we can help you achieve your very own Fresh Start.