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After his own divorce in 2008, Don Schapira.Q.Med. CDFA, our Lead, saw the pitfalls of the traditional divorce process. With his deep financial background and collaborative approach, he brought in the fresh start team to compliment his over 500 successful mediations and leadership in the community(e.g. ADRIA) bringing mediation to more Albertans.

We hope you feel our passion and vision for more options to the traditional divorce process works for you.

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We provide full-service divorce options to Calgary, Edmonton and beyond. We also help those parenting after separation, drafting and filing separation agreements with our divorce lawyer partners or finalizing and refining plans worked out with your current ex.  If you are currently unable to communicate and come to a separation agreement, we provide a comprehensive divorce workshop to outline the divorce process in Alberta with insights from a divorce lawyer, expansion on the topic of parenting after separation, getting divorce coaching, affordable divorce options and access to other divorce solutions

We are available to answer any additional questions about your divorce process or working together and look forward to connecting with you.

Effective Divorce Services Are About Repairing Trust:

  • It's Clear To Understand
  • It's Paced to You
  • It's Systematic & Negotiated
  • It's Legal
  • It's Confidential
  • It's Your Relationship, Repurposed

3 Fresh Start Objectives

1) Be Informed

We help couples with divorce mediation to those simply looking to understand and navigate the divorce process. Being informed about the right divorce services is proven to save time, money and reduce conflict. Specific opinions range from divorce coaching, certified financial divorce planning, a separation agreement, plans regarding parenting after separation or assistance getting their negotiated agreement filed and reviewed by a divorce lawyer.

2) Feel Heard

The experience of separation and divorce can feel overwhelming as you deal with mixed emotions, changing relationships, financial uncertainty and questions about how this will all unfold. At Fresh Start Family Mediation, we have witnessed the positive impact of our process in changing the way separating couples and families move through divorce. We want to do the very same for you. Whether you are filing for divorce, looking for guidance through a divorce transition, or seeking answers for a family member or friend in divorce, we are here to help.

3) Finalize A Divorce

Our divorce mediators help those looking for a Fresh Start. Whether you are filing for divorce, exploring alternatives options or seeking answers for a family member or friend, we are here to help. Structuring an affordable and effective divorce process.

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Confidentiality & Privacy

Everything said in the courts is part of the public record, however, all correspondence between you and the Fresh Start team is strictly confidential.

Our Divorce Services

File for Divorce

Our Legal Partners can advise you and draft you a Separation Agreement or if you have a negotiated agreement with your spouse, another partner can get that structured, reviewed by a lawyer & filed in the courts (by coming to you) Anywhere in Canada.

Financial Divorce Analyst

Our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts ensure your financial consideration in both the short and long term. Impacts of children, splitting assets, retirement, cash flow to comprehensive advise on your investments, assets, income, budgeting & protections from the what if’s of life.

Parenting After Separation

Parenting can be overwhelming at the best of times, parenting after and during a divorce can make that even more complex without the right structure. Our experience and process means a plan that puts them first well balancing the concerns of both parents.

Fresh Start Advantage

Our experience has produced a network of valuable professionals to assist with support services for your own unique Fresh Start. Our divorce mediators also understand not everyone can meet Monday to Friday 9-5 or in Calgary or Edmonton.

Our Values

Divorce Mediation

Trust is the backbone of a successful divorce mediation. Our divorce mediators will take steps to remain neutral and address roots of conflict so whether you’re meeting us by zoom or at your kitchen table the process can get you to resolution.

Our Process

Divorce Workshop

The divorce process can be difficult and overwhelming. Our divorce mediators wanted to create multiple alternatives so Fresh Start created the Divorce workshop for you to hear from specialists and compete only the steps of a divorce right for you.

Our Events

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The Cost of a Divorce in Canada

According to Canadian Lawyer Magazine Legal Fee Survey, the Average Western Divorce cost by a Lawyer was about $10,900 per person rising up to $15,000-25,000 when it required a trial.

We Try and Do Better

Starting at

$600 per person
  • Simply Finalize Divorce


~$4000 per person
  • See Calculator

Virtual Divorce

15% discount
  • completed via Zoom, Available Across Canada

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