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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Divorce Workshop?

Our next divorce workshop will be held in Calgary,Alberta on Saturday Nov 16, 2019

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Who attends a Divorce Workshop?

Our workshops bring in many different kinds of people. Many are couples looking for a kitchen tablet divorce, others future divorce mediators looking too learn more, couples that has been separated for years but who need help completing certain steps in finalizing a divorce or other considering an affordable divorce but who have an uncooperative partner.

What is a Divorce Workshop?

Our workshop brings in specialists in different areas of the divorce process: so you hear from divorce mediators, parenting after separation specialists, divorce lawyers, certified financial divorce analysts and others. If a couple wanted to complete a divorce in a weekend here is the place.

Why a Divorce Workshop?

Our divorce mediators found many people overwhelm with having to choose a path before understanding all the step involved. There were also looking for an even more affordable support. A Fresh start Divorce Workshop is designed to be the  A-Z of a divorce.

How much does the Divorce Workshop Cost?

$499 Registration

$899 Couples

Any questions, speak with a mediator.


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