Alberta Parenting After Separation Course


This course is for parents or guardians who are separating or getting a divorce. The course is required, before you file a divorce application or a Family Law Act application or when a judge directs you to take it.

The Course covers:

  • building relationships
  • how separation affects parents
  • how separation affects children
  • communication skills
  • legal issues
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • parenting plans

Questions? Talked to the Fresh Start Team.

Peer Mediation And Skills Training


A conflict management, dispute resolution, and anti-bullying solution provider for schools, families, and communities. They work with individuals to analyze their conflict, investigate real-life issues, and apply strategies to create positive change. This approach builds leaders and mentors who continue to grow our communities effectively for the future.

PMAST is an access point for many youths to get involved, benefit and access mediation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta

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Alternative Dispute Resolution is a relatively new and growing field. It is important to understand that ADR is unregulated, and anyone can put out their shingle as a practitioner.  Part of the ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)’s role is to support high standards and professional conduct. In addition to providing nationally-recognized training to practitioners, all of their members pledge to uphold a Code of Ethics and are subject to a complaint and disciplinary process.