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It’s not easy to divorce or separate when you have children in Calgary. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the many choices you have to make in regard to child care and money.

With Fresh Start divorce and family mediators, divorce and family mediation will be easier to navigate. Divorce can be difficult in Calgary. Couples often believe their case will be settled in court. However, this is not always true.

The voluntary process of mediation, which involves a conflict resolution specialist, known as a mediator, assisting participants in negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement, is increasingly popular among separated couples.

Negotiating to resolve disputes is more effective than waiting for a judge with your attorney to make the decisions for you in court.

You can use any one of the many family resolution methods and tools to create a parenting plan.

You and your ex-partner can seek the assistance of impartial third parties to help you identify and address any difficulties in child custody, divorce or other family issues.

With the help of mediators, you can come up with possible solutions. Mediation allows you and your ex-partner to share what you need and want. Parents can freely express their views on their children’s welfare and care.

A Fresh Start Calgary mediator is a neutral third party who can help you and your former partner identify and discuss issues relating to parenting, separation or divorce.

In the end, you and your ex-partner make all of the choices, including the best parenting arrangement for your children, with the aid of a divorce mediator.

Sometimes, alternative methods of mediation are more effective. If you use shuttle mediation, your ex-partner and you don’t need to be present in the same place.

The divorce mediator in Calgary will address each party separately. The mediator can help you and your ex-partner work through your differences without having to meet face-to-face.

Benefits of Mediation

Divorce Mediation in Calgary

  • Avoid Court: Negotiating is more effective than waiting for court decisions.
  • Co-Parenting Plan: A blueprint for post-divorce parenting, outlining care and decision-making for children.
  • Resolution Tools: Various methods to create a parenting plan and address custody or divorce issues.
  • Mediator Assistance: Impartial third parties facilitate solution-finding.

Ideal Candidates

  • Open to communication.
  • I prefer controlling the divorce process.
  • Seek to resolve the situation swiftly in Calgary.
You can also use a video conference or telephone to arbitrate between people who live in different locations. If you and your ex-partner live in different cities, this may be possible via Fresh Start divorce solutions.

I am open to communication, comfortable with a free exchange environment, interested in maintaining control over the way my divorce is handled, and want to resolve my divorce situation quickly in Calgary. 

Fresh Start Divorce Mediation Services in Calgary

FAQs about Divorce Mediation in Calgary

Yes, it’s available to all couples looking to resolve divorce issues collaboratively.

Yes! Fresh Start Mediators are fully trained, including backgrounds in law, psychology, or social work, specializing in family disputes.

Yes, mediation is voluntary and requires both parties’ consent.

Sessions vary, often depending on the complexity of the case, but many are resolved in a few sessions.

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